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Benefits of working at Camp SAM


While other summer camp jobs choose to pay their staff the seasonal rate (which is well below minimum wage), Camp SAM compensates our employees at competitive rates, both at and above minimum wage (depending upon experience). We value the hard work and skill it takes to be positive leaders for children.

Work All Summer

While many summer camps start later (July) and close earlier (mid-August), leaving you desperate to find cash, Camp SAM runs for the entire summer (June-September). There is no need to find another job to fill in the voids.

Keeps You Active

Working at Camp SAM is a great way to stay physically active all summer long. With a full day of activity, we all move and groove together!

Being Outside

Don’t want to be stuck inside all day long at a boring summer job? Your work area at Camp SAM is in the beautiful, refreshing outdoors. You get to breathe the fresh air all summer long…and get a tan.

3-Day Counselor Versus 4-Day Counselor

Want a summer job, but still want to enjoy some time off? Our counselor positions are either 3-days a week or 4-days a week. Who doesn’t want and need that long weekend every once in a while?

Weekends Off

Our camp runs from Monday through Friday only, which means you have the entire weekend OFF to head to the shore, go swimming, spend time with friends and family, or just relax before the next week begins.

Daytime Hours Only

Our camp closes at 6PM daily which means you have every evening FREE! You can still run errands, get to the gym, cook dinner for the family & more.

Accessible Location

We are located on Route 41 in Sewell, NJ, with quick access to Route 55, Route 42, the NJ Turnpike and Route 295. There are no tricky commutes here.

Staff Bondings

Camp SAM is not just about working. We value the friendships and relationships that our staff discover here, either while enjoying an escape room together or enjoying a potluck meal as a team. With evenings and weekends free, there is plenty of time to enjoy outings with co-worker friends! You’ll leave at the end of the summer wishing it wasn’t over yet, with plenty of newfound friendships.

Role Model Opportunities

There is nothing more rewarding than making a difference in a child’s life. Campers will look up to you all summer, because hey, you are much cooler than their teachers. You can give kids a break from everything going on in “the real world” and become a child’s hero.

Electronic-Free Zone

Let’s get back to personal interactions. No need to update Instagram or scroll through TikToks while at Camp SAM. We have a no electronics policy and encourage all of our staff and campers to take a break from the social media chaos and appreciate the outdoors while enjoying face to face communication with our peers and campers.

Develop Your Skillset

Camp jobs offer invaluable skill-building and enrichment opportunities in areas including leadership, collaboration, critical thinking, activity planning, organization, responsibility, creativity and so much more. These skills will enhance your job marketability tremendously!

Build Your Resume

Top Business Executives often note that experience as a camp counselor translates into excellent management and personnel skills. Adding camp to your resume tells employers that you have strong people skills and determined work ethic that are critical for success in the workforce.


Being a camp counselor can be hard work sometimes, but you will learn so much about yourself in one short summer. Being forced out of your comfort zone or facing difficult situations in a supportive environment often leads to the development of a new sense of confidence that you didn’t have before.


Who doesn’t want to play games and sports, do arts and crafts and swim all day? We know we do. It’s like Spirit Week all summer here with our Thursday Theme Days. Work is play here at Camp SAM! YAY!


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