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Theme Days

In addition to over 125 different activities we offer, every Thursday at Camp SAM is an exciting Theme Day! Our Camp Theme Days are what make camp special - they encourage an invigorating camp spirit, generate excitement, and offer campers something to look forward to. Campers may enjoy archery, but they wait all year long to participate in the famous "Jello-War" during the Survivor Theme Day! Campers and counselors dress up, and the building is decorated as well! Check out some of our sensational theme days:

  • Superheroes
  • Survivor
  • Under the Sea
  • Camp Olympics
  • Wild West
  • Mad Science
  • Camp Talent Show
  • Maui Waui
  • Jungle Safari

Our most famous Theme Day is Survivor! You don't want to miss this week! This is the week of COLOR WARS, Survivor-theme challenges, and most importantly JELLO WARS! Wear your group's color and if you should want, we can paint you in your group's color war paint! Be creative and build shelter with the limited materials we supply you with. Are you brave enough for our blind-fold taste testing? Come ready to be messy because Jello War is an all-out food fight with over 750 gallons of ooey gooey prepared Jello. Sounds gross but is so great!

For the full list of theme days, click here.

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