About Camp SAM


  • "We have been to several summer camps in the area and yours is BY FAR the most fun, safe and organized that we have encountered. We appreciate your staff members providing a very nice summer camp experience for our children and we will definitely be back next year. Also, I would not hesitate to recommend this program to friends and family!"

    Lillian S.

  • “The directors and staff were very friendly and informative. They took the time to show us around the camp, thoroughly explained the details of the camp, and were always available to answer any questions that we had”

    Jessica Q

  • “My son did not want camp to end. He asks me every week, “When is it time to go back?”

    Amanda M.

  • “My children enjoyed all of the new activities and equipment SAM Playcare provided. They particularly enjoyed being active and keeping busy all day! We were very impressed with the camp and the overall services you provide.”

    John P.

  • “My husband and I truly enjoyed the Family Luau and appreciate the efforts made to involve the families in the camp experience. We finally had the opportunity to participate in some of the wonderful activities that our son raved about at the dinner table each night!”

    Brittany B.

  • “My children loved the counselors! They were polite, accommodating, and always had a smile. I felt at ease knowing that the staff really took the time to get to know my kids!”

    Julie B

  • “My son loved camp and the friends and counselors he met! It made me feel good dropping him off in the morning, going off to work and knowing he was finally somewhere he wanted to be!”

    Nicole B.

  • “Colin has so much fun and can get all of his energy out there!”

    Megan W.

  • “The kids love all of the activities you provide and I know they are in a safe and caring environment.”

    Carol S.

  • “Everybody was friendly and loving to both of my kids. They had a great experience and so much fun!”

    Holly K.

  • My son has been there for the past 6 summers. He would never go anywhere else. Camp is like his 2nd family”.

    Stephanie G.

  • “My daughter had a ball and made some great friends”

    Kim S.

  • “My kids loved being there and didn’t want to leave at the end of the day”

    Ron R.

  • “The social development was great with both of my daughters, and they had fun everyday. They keep asking to go back to camp”

    Michael C.

  • “Very family oriented. The counselors are amazing. My daughter had so much fun and gained so much confidence.”

    Jennifer M.

  • “My kids have loved it for years and years and years!”

    Megan W

  • “I love the flexible schedule you provide. Working three 12 hour shifts, and being able to send him to camp different days every week makes it easy to send him when I need to rest from the previous night shift.”

    Stephanie G.

  • “We return to Camp SAM every year for their excellent reputation, outstanding counselors, diverse activities, and great value.”

    Ron R.

  • “We send our children to Camp SAM to keep them active, and to immerse them in an environment that fosters growth, positive relationships, autonomy, and fun and challenging activities.”

    Kendra W.

  • “Our kids can't wait to go back and already are asking how many more days until they can go back to camp”

    Kylie W.

  • “The kids LOVED it. i was very impressed with the staff. They were fantastic and my kids looked forward to going each morning. I have been telling everyone I know about the camp!”

    Michelle M.